Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Vegetable Soup by Colleen Guenther

I generally do not view soup as a springtime meal idea, but this one is made just for this time of year. It's light, healthy (to ensure that the waistline doesn't explode into that post holiday position) and well, quick and fresh. It is a soup that, once again, my German father-in-law created and makes quite often. Not much is needed except for a bunch of veggies and a side of your favorite dipping bread (which is sometimes needed to offset all of the healthiness going on).

What you need (make as much as you want):
Brussel Sprouts quartered
Cabbage loosely chopped
Fingerling Potatoes quartered
White onion chopped
Celery sliced
Carrot sliced


Put all in a pot and fill with water up to the line of the veggies. Boil for about a half hour until the potatoes are soft but not mushy. Who likes mushy??? Add a dash of salt and pepper if necessary. Serve and ENJOY!

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