Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Cucumber Snack by Colleen Guenther

It's really important for my husband and I to have REALLY quick and delicious snack recipes on hand when the munching mind wants something savory. One trick for us to is to limit the amount of sweet snacks we have in the house to cut off the temptation completely. I have found though that the healthier you eat, the more you crave healthy foods. So, here is to a simple one. Like, REALLY SIMPLE one...

What you need:
English cucumbers
Squeeze of lemon
Salt and pepper


I contemplated even putting directions because if you can't figure out how to make this with so little ingredients, I think you've got some bigger problems. And in that case, I will help you out. Slice the cucumbers, squeeze the lemon on them and dash with salt and pepper.

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