Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fontina and Oyster Mushroom Fettuccini by Colleen Guenther

This is a rich and creamy pasta just in time for winter. You won't loose weight by eating it but who cares. Life is to be enjoyed and it simply tastes good gosh darn it!

What You Need:
1 lb. fettuccini cooked
Save the water to add to the pasta sauce when you mix it into the pasta

Pasta Sauce:
2 cups grated fontina cheese
1/2 shredded parmesan (then a little extra to sprinkle on top of finished dish)
1/2 heavy whipping cream

2 small packages of oyster mushrooms chopped
1 TBS chopped fresh parsley (then a little extra to sprinkle on top of finished dish)
1/2 TSP chopped fresh thyme
2 cloves of garlic chopped
1/2 squeeze of a fresh lemon
3/4 stick of butter

2 heads of broccoli
1/2 squeeze of a fresh lemon
2 cloves of garlic chopped
2 scallions chopped
2 TBS olive oil


While letting your water boil and cooking your pasta, in separate pans, add all of the ingredients for the mushrooms in one pan (except for the lemon juice) and all of the ingredients for the broccoli (except for the lemon juice) in another pan and your pasta sauce ingredients into another sauté pan. Cook pasta sauce on low for 10-15 minutes constantly stirring. Sautee your broccoli and mushrooms (separate pans) on medium for 20 minutes or until a bit browned. I even like my mushrooms a tad crispy but not overdone. Timing is everything for this dish so be cognizant of that. When everything is done, add your pasta sauce to your pasta along with 1/2 cup or more of the pasta water. The consistency should be creamy. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice on your mushrooms and broccoli and stir. Place a serving of the pasta on a plate and top with the broccoli (or put the broccoli on the side) and mushroom mixtures along with a dash of salt and pepper, parmesan sprinkle and a pinch of parsley.

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