Monday, June 6, 2011

Kale Feta Currant Salad by Colleen Guenther

There is no need for a zany title for this recipe because the taste alone will knock your taste buds out of the park. I have to say, and I have said it before, this is the BEST salad ever. I could seriously eat it EVERY day! Now, enough with the fluff talk, let's get cookin'!

What you need
1 bunch (or more) of Kale destemmed
1-2 lemons juiced OR 3 TBS balsamic vinegar mixed with 1/2 TBS honey and 2 TSP dijon mustard
Feta cheese (creamier the better)
Currants or dried cranberries
1 tablespoon Olive oil


Take your olive oil and a little salt and message it onto all of your kale leaves to take the stiffness out of them. This is a very important step. Then, squeeze your lemon juice or balsamic mixture over the greens. Next, add your berries and feta. Let sit for at least an hour (the lemon juice tenderizes the kale over time). It's even better the next day:). 

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