Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mucho Pepper Black Bean Tacos by Colleen Guenther

These tacos are dynamite! My husband and I loved the enchilada sauce that I made for my enchiladas last week (I think it was a week ago) that I had to find another delivery device to enjoy it. In these tacos, I treat the sauce like a salsa and it's perfect for tacos as it keeps soft shell tacos from being dry. No one likes a dry taco...;) As for the mucho peppers title, the sauce is made with dried peppers and the taco filling also includes fresh chili peppers (red jalapeno and yellow chili peppers). The combo of these peppers is what makes them dynamic along with a plethora of other yummy ingredients.

What You Need:

Flour tortillas


Black Beans:

Napa Cabbage Slaw:
1 cup of finely chopped Napa Cabbage
1 red jalapeno minced
1 yellow chili pepper minced (if you cannot find them, do 2 red jalapenos if you like it hot)
1/2 fresh lime juice squeeze

Sour Cream:
4 TBS sour cream
.5 tsp hot chili powder
.5 cumin

If you do not want to make the guac, you can just add fresh avocado slices

Extra Toppings:
Queso Fresco
Cilantro chopped


Start by making your sauce as it takes the longest. While that is cooking, you can make the rest of the toppings per their instructions. For the sour cream,  I think it is without saying, but just mix all of the ingredients together as for the napa cabbage slaw (separately of course). When every topping is individually ready, quickly warm up your flour tortillas in a pan on medium heat. Lay each one in the dry warm pan for a minute or two until they become soft and warm. Then, add all of your toppings in the amounts that you like on top of your tortilla, roll up and ENJOY!

On a side note, this recipe would make a great "taco bar" for the family so give that a try! It'll be a hit for sure!

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