Monday, June 6, 2011

Stuffed Anaheim Peppers by Colleen Guenther

Ok! Let's get grillin'! I am more than elated to commence the grilling season. This Minnesota winter has been brutal and I am even more excited that we no longer have to worry our pretty little heads about that... those days are behind us and there are backyard fun and libations to be had from here on out! Cheers to that!!!! This summer I hope to share with you some of my favorite grilling recipes. You can always let me know too if there is a fab recipe you'd like to share. You can be a "guest chef" sort to speak. Sound exciting? I think so!

This is a really easy recipe to start your dinner off right. They are so juicy and packed full of flavor. Don't chinze on a cheap queso fresco either. Get the good stuff....

What you need:
Anaheim Peppers chopped
Queso Fresco Cheese (chop as much as you need to fill the amount of peppers you are making)
Dash of Mexican oregano
Dash of Salt
A bit of chopped cilantro
Dash if cumin
Dash of Chili powder


Mix all of your ingredients together, besides the peppers, and give it a a high quality Queso Fresco for optimum deliciousness. Slit your peppers a couple of inches down the center and stuff your Queso mixture into your peppers and grill face down at first. After a couple minutes (watch them closely) carefully turn them over and grill for a couple more minutes until slightly browned.

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