Monday, June 6, 2011

Pecan Pear Pasta by Robin Krause

Generally, I am not a fan of fruit in my food. I mean, I love fruit but I like to eat it on it's very own or perhaps in a morning smoothie. I know that many people will disagree with me on this so I decided to post this recipe because it is simply and fruitfully fantastic, unbelievably so, and my life goal is to please YOU;)

Here is what you need:

Angel Hair pasta
Heavy Cream (1 cup)
White wine (2 tbs)
Pears (ripe)
Green Peppercorn in the jar (1tbs)
Pecans (1 cup)
3 scallions chopped
Couple sprigs of Thyme
Butter (2 tbs)
Salt and Pepper to taste

While your cooking your pasta, caramelize your pears by cubing them and putting in a pan at medium/low heat with 2 tbs of butter and let caramelize (takes 10-15 minutes). While you are doing that, roast your pecans (I just like to put them in a saucepan for a couple minutes). After they are roasted, give them a nice chop.  Add your white wine to deglaze the pan that you cooked the pears in (keeping the pears still in there). Then, slowly add your heavy whipping cream at low heat. I like to leave my whipping cream carton on the oven while I caramelize the pears so that it warms up a bit to decrease the opportunity of curdling. Once stirred in, add your green peppercorn, pecans, scallions, thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Cook down on low for a couple minutes. Serve and enjoy the fruit!!

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