Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grilled Fingerling Potatoes by Colleen Guenther

These potatoes are to die for.... They are easy and uber flavorful! Get that grill goin' again:)

What you need:
2 bags of fingerling potatoes - chopped
1 large sprinkle of dried rosemary
5 big sprigs of fresh rosemary
large sprinkle of salt
large sprinkle of pepper
1 white onion sliced
1/2-3/4 stick of butter (the more the better)
2 tbs olive oil
Sprinkle of cayenne
Sprinkle of paprika


Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and put onto a large tinfoil sheet (I often have to fold together 2-3 sheets to fit it all in). Fold tin foil so that there are minimal air leaks: this cooks and steams the potatoes. Place on grill for 1/2-1 hour, turning infrequently so that you can get some nice browning on the potatoes.

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