Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rusty Taco Restaurant Review

Love Mexican? Love a great meal on the cheap? If you haven't already tried it, Rusty Taco is awesome. The majority of the tacos are around $2.50 and you only need 2 to fill the tank - what a deal. I have tried the Rajas (#6), Black Bean (#12), Fish (#7) and the Breakfast taco and all were uber flavorful! The breakfast taco is actually what prompted me to write this post though as it was simply amazing! Again, $2.50, and delicious. The breakfast taco consists of scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and cilantro perfectly tucked into a warm flour tortilla. You can also choose to add bacon, chorizo, jalapeno sausage and/or fried potatoes to the mix. I added the fried potatoes and they were simply delightful. I also topped off the whole thing with their complimentary signature salsa. Now, I will add that their salsa is not the best tomato based salsa I have ever had but it's still edible and adds an extra fresh flavor to the breakfast taco. They also have a habanero (HOT) and a Tomatilla (Mild) salsa to choose from.... Both are also just ok. Anywhos, the tacos themselves are good enough that you don't even need the salsa, so what the heck, go try it! There are two MN locations, one in NE MPLS. and one in St. Paul. See you there!

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