Monday, April 22, 2013

Quang Restaurant

I am definitely a day late and a dollar short on this one since I have heard a trillion friend reviews on Quang's restaurant on 27th and Nicollet, but hot dang is Quang's delicious! When you walk in, it has an (if you can imagine) asian Perkin's style decor: simple tabletops and cushy booths. It's quite large and the service is amiable AND very quick (huh, what a concept). I went with a girlfriend of mine and we had the cream cheese wontons and vegetarian egg rolls to start. Both were amazing and not too greasy, inexpensive too. The wontons had a vegetable cream cheese inside of them which reminded me of the Brueggers vegetable cream cheese. The egg rolls were crispy and extremely flavorful, again, not too greasy. Then came the piece de resistance: The Pho soup. You can get it vegetarian style and it was simply amazing: flavorful, unique and just plain addicting. I wish that I had more words to describe this magical dish but the only other ones coming to mind are, "just go there" or you will be 2 days late and 5 dollars short (whatever that means).....;)

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